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Support for upgrade ramping up
Story by The Yorke Peninsula Country Times
Journalist - Jenny OLDLAND
May 5, 2015

YORKE Peninsula Council will consider allocating funds to study options for improving Marion Bay boat ramp as part of its budget deliberations.

Should council opt for the pre-feasibility study, it will go out to public consultation, according to CEO Andrew Cameron.

Marion Bay Township Committee member Paul Hanna said there have been plenty of discussions about the state of the ramp during the past few months.

“With the two-foot shore break it is just horrendous watching people use the ramp, and really it’s a fatality waiting to happen,” he said.

Local Malcolm Ball has witnessed some near misses and a number of boats and trailers being damaged over the years as boaties have battled the swell.

“I’m pleased to see the boat ramp study included in council’s draft budget but I know it’s going to take time, and such would be the scope of any works I should think the project would need state and federal funding,” Mr Ball said.

“Last year I wrote a letter supporting council’s push for the ramp to come to the top of the list for work.

“The last time anything major was done was in 1997 and that cost $70,000 back then.” Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol SA Yorke Peninsula division members have raised concerns about launching their rescue craft in the event of an emergency.

“It is important we get a ramp down there for rescue work; however, it does need a lot of thought and monitoring to see what is really required to enable boats to get in and out at all times,” commanding officer David Mumford said.

“With our new boat coming I don’t think we’ll be able to launch there without a tractor, and we are compiling a letter to go to the minister supporting the need for improvements to the ramp.

“We cover an area from Cape Elizabeth around to Port Moorowie and currently we only have two all-weather ramps at our disposal, Port Victoria and Point Turton.

“While we need to get something moving at Marion we need to get it right, and we’re willing to work with council and anyone involved.” A decision regarding funding for the pre-feasibility study will not be known until the council budget is adopted in July.

Marion Bay Boat Ramp
INADEQUATE... Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol SA Yorke Peninsula division, including members Michael Page, commanding officer David Mumford and David Battams, have had trouble launching at Marion Bay boat ramp. They are pictured checking the condition of the ramp with Marion Bay’s Paul Hanna.