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South Australian Emergency Services Medal & Ministerial Commendation's


Sub Lt. Marg Mason being presented with her Ministerial Commendation
by Darryl Wright, The Manager of Volunteer Marine Rescue in SA
(Sub Lt. Marg Mason was also commended by the National SAR Coucil for her dedicated service to search and rescue in the Australian region in 2006)


A couple Coastal Patrol members & family at Margies presentation.


Lt. Cmdr David Mumford receiving his SA Emergency Services Medal & Judy Mumford receiving her Ministerial Commendation from
Darryl Wright, The Manager of Volunteer Marine Rescue in SA


Lt. Cmdr David & Judy Mumford


Emergency Services Medals

In May 2001 State Cabinet approved a new State Medal and a Ministerial Commendation for the emergency services. These awards were created to recognise the tireless and extraordinary work of persons contributing to community safety through operational emergency service organisations and associated agencies. The SA Fire & Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM) is responsible for administering this award process and making the recommendations to the Minister.

The two awards are as follows:

SA Emergency Services Medal (SAESM)

The SAESM is given to an individual who has demonstrated "distinguished and/or meritorious services of the highest order" in recognition of his or her significant contribution to the emergency services in South Australia. The SAESM award is a full coin Medal set and framed certificate.

Ministerial Commendation

The Ministerial Commendation recognises significant effort, bravery or service and is awarded for "meritorious or courageous action". The commendation is a framed certificate and lapel pin.

While it is recognised that most members of Emergency Services deserve recognition for their contributions, these Awards are intended for the few individuals who have gone that "extra mile". Years of service alone is not normally sufficient justification for an Award. Their personal contribution should in some way be considered to be truly extraordinary.

Acts of bravery are also considered for either Award.